"The world will be saved by laughter.  

Laughter will be saved by Justin", - Nostradamus

I am magician Justinas Malinauskas and this is how my magic looks like:



My magic show is a combination of magic art and stand-up comedy. Consequently, the whole performance is full of comedy and the spectators not only observe the tricks but also smile constantly.


My magic show is highly interactive. I maintain dialogue with the spectators all the time and each trick is performed with a help of one of the spectators.


My performance is a “new school of magic”. No doves, sponge balls or juggling with cards with circus kind of music in the background. This is a show with lots of improvisation and the tricks are done with ordinary everyday objects and modern technologies.




Justinas Malinauskas​

Tel. nr.: +370 61294131​

El. paštas: laiskas@justinui.lt

  • iliuzionistas justinas malinauskas
  • iliuzionistas justinas malinauskas